A MUSH’ing adventure..

February 21st, 2006 by fubar

Imagine this: you’re walking through caverns, dark and mysterious. The caverns are lit by a single torch, every 200 feet. You’re walking, walking walking, not knowing where you’re going. Finally you come upon a large opening, and what lies behind it is unknown. So you walk through, and behold: a large underground lake! At the shore, is a ferry with an old man. He beckons you to get on the old boat. So you get on and slowly you start your trek across the lake. After a little while, you see light up ahead. It’s coming from what appears to be a new civilization, which you have previously left unexplored. Finally you reach the other side of the lake and leave the ferry. It leaves the shore and goes back across the lake. Once off the boat, you explore the new civilization, and find many quaint people, shops and homes. After a little while, you grow tired of being there, so you go back to the shore where you departed from that lonesome ferry. You expect the ferry to be there to take you back, but you are dissappointed! You search every inch of that land, trying to find a way out, but you are stuck! So what do you do?

You type ‘@home’. :-)

Many thanks go out to Mad for creating the land of LITERAL no return, which inspired this post.

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