August 2nd, 2010 by Phantom

Yeah, I’ve been pretty bad about this. The whole “updating daily” thing. Ah, well. Currently I’m strolling through random web cams around the world. It’s pretty interesting, I think, how one can sit at home, and see what’s going on around the world at that exact instant. It’s a reminder that as you live your life, all around the world, other lives are being lived, too.

Reminds me of CaveMUSH, in a way. Reminds me of on-line text-based “social structures” in general, but CaveMUSH is a good example. Not only are the people from all over the globe (though mostly in the United States), you can see the different influences everywhere on the grid, if you know where to look. More than just spelling differences–word choices themselves, or what one chooses to build in detail over here as opposed to glossing over there. CaveMUSH is, in its smaller fashion, a good example of how the world is just awesome.

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