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July 25th, 2010 by Phantom

I swear, I can usually never think up a good title for these things, but since a certain someone prefers titles and doesn’t mind if they’re weird and completely unrelated, I guess I can go with that, heh.

Since it was asked for, I suppose I can relate a bit about myself, as far as CaveMUSH goes. I chose the user-name of “Phantom” because I adore the character. Got started with the Phantom 2040 cartoon and loved that depiction, so dove into the history of the character, and away I went. When it came to building on CaveMUSH, I went with a bit of a conglomeration of bits from various histories. Like with so much of fictional things, you can find incongruous bits or even entire histories, though it’s nowhere near FUBARed like some other characters I could name.

Anyway, yes, back on track. I’ve been told it’s an interesting collection of things. I decided to go with the African setting as opposed to the Indian one, and thus with actual African tribal references. On the other hand, I kept a few references to other aspects. Like I said, a conglomeration.

Hopefully that’s enough to make sense. And at least it’s more than a sentence or two of absolutely no consequence, eh?

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