Tunnel #847

December 18th, 2009 by RedWolf

In 1102, Grand Architect Mardus Tolmuk laid the last cobblestone into the floor of Tunnel #847. Just outside, in the Nexus, hundreds of Gnomes from the seven villages gathered to mark the special occasion. Large celebrations and feasts were usually on order upon the completion of any tunnel project in the ‘Pire (as Doccus V used to call it), but this one was quite different.

You see, the celebration of the number “847″ holds a special place in Gnomish culture; the custom’s roots lie in the ancient Gnomish creation text, Sarduk, which states:

In the pristine age, when all was quiet and still, Grand Mardus threw chaos upon the deep ether, and from that havoc sprung eight modes of form; those of flesh, fur, feather, scale, shell, tabrus, stalk, and mauds. In four days he created the four domains of the corpus: water, lavae, earth, and sky. Within each of these domains he placed seven kings (or Seeds); seven for each of the eight forms. Those who thrived in their domains grew to take them as their own.

This is why, to the Gnomish people, the number “847″ became identified with the act of sentient creation, and why this tunnel, in particular, is so famous.

[ Tunnel #847 (#21R) Description from CaveMUSH ]

Room created 03/08/2000, description written 01/05/2002 by RedWolf.

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