I wanna move!

October 29th, 2009 by Hammy

So, you might have logged into a TinyMUSH a few times noticing that you start out in a pre-defined area.  You may have noticed that other people start out in their homes or in another area of the MUSH.  Through ‘exam‘inations of objects and perhaps yourself you notice there is some variable that holds a home location’  By word of mouth you hear that if you type ‘home‘ you can be taken to your home spot.  Great!

You begin to wonder, “Hmmm, how can I set my own home location?”  Basic experience tells you to use the help files so you do “help home” but alas, there is no information from the TinyMUSH help files!

Here’s how you can set your own home: ‘@link me=here‘ or if you know the number of the room/object ‘@link me=#[room or thing number]‘ eg ‘@link me=#1234′

You can also link your objects to a set location:@link [object]=[room or thing number]‘ eg ‘@link toy=#1553
Hope this has been informative!  RedWolf at CaveMUSH has updated the default help file information with this info.

(Text in bold represents commands commands.  Text between ‘[’ and ‘]’ represent placeholders)

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