October 27th, 2009 by Mad

This is just an extrehemely quick blog entry announcing something that is utterly awesome in it’s sheer blandness. I’m one of the new blog writers on CaveMUSH! Yay! *tosses confetti on himself*

Okay, that crap over, srsly. I’m Mad, otherwise known as Mad, or Mad to my friends, and I’m a grumpy cantankerous bastard. Have you ever seen that telly programme Grumpy Old Men on BBC2? No? Oh yeah, that’s foreign programming.  Anyway, I’m exactly like them - grumpy, old and shit - except I’m 25. So I’m grumpy and young. Work as a postal guy for Her Majesty’s Postal Service (Royal Mail) and I shall be popping up to chinwag about some pointless whines, complaints, some bitching and whatever else I feel like doing. Can’t pretend it’ll be interesting, entertaining, fantastic of whatever, but it’ll be content!

And what the internet needs is another whiny content provider. Probably not, but bollocks it has me anyway.

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