Hello, MUSH’ing world!

February 12th, 2006 by fubar

Hey gang! Welcome to the first edition of the CaveMUSH blog, coming straight to you from http://cavemush.com/blog! Here’s a low-down on this blog. My name is Ken, and my username on CaveMUSH is Matthais. I’m a newbie MUSH enthusiast and MUSH-land designer. I’m going to use this blog to update you on the happenings of CaveMUSH, located at CaveMUSH.com port 6116, and all of my exploits as I learn the MUSH language and design new places on CaveMUSH. You’ll vicariously learn about MUSH’ing and how to built new objects, lands and other cool MUSH stuff!

Feel free to leave me any comments, if you would, below my entries. You can give me and the CaveMUSH admins ideas for the improvement of the game, or just rant on what I say in my blog. And please, DO NOT hesitate to visit CaveMUSH at CaveMUSH.com port 6116!

Truly yours,


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